Pregnancy Miracle – Real User Review 2016 Updated!

Hey Emily here! with my Pregnancy Miracle Review. 

I have put together my real user review of the pregnancy miracle book. I know there are lots of reviews out there on this guide but this is a real review by someone who has used it.

I tried lots of different ways to conceive a child, but everything failed, until I tried Lisa’s Pregnancy Miracle.

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Guess your thinking just another useless guide to getting pregnant, but I tell you now this is the only thing that has worked for me. So please read through my breakdown of this product as it is worth it’s price tag, you will be glad you did.

When I bought this product it cost me $99 and personally now I would have paid 10 times that now.

Pregnancy miracle is a guide that is packaged as an ebook. The system is composed of holistic, clinically proven and natural methods. They are geared towards helping one to become pregnant. Regardless of your age, whether you are in your 30’s or 40’s, Pregnancy Miracle will help you become pregnant.

The Pregnancy Miracle Book contains five secrets of ancient oriental medicine which help to restore the balance in the body especially when it comes to resolving infertility issues. It contains information on how an individual can correct many of the issues that affect both men and women as they try to have a baby girl or boy.

Lisa devoted more than 65,000 hours in order to develop the perfect methods. The methods are, holistic and natural therefore helping to resolve infertility problems. In the dietary section of the book, there are holistic ancient methods described which help not only to ensure that a couple gets to have their much awaited baby but it helps to improve their relationship too.

The best thing about Pregnancy Miracle is that it contains a step by step guide which helps couples to reverse infertility. It will also address the problems in a safe and natural way without the use of drugs.

It does not have side effects since as a user, you will not be using any drugs or undergo any risky surgical procedure. The ebook contains information that will help any couple to resolve infertility through the use of natural and ancient Chinese methods.

The reason for the popularity of the book as well as the high sales is that it helps to deliver effective results. The step by step guidelines contained in the ebook have been clinically tested among a group of 36 women before its release to the public.

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The test took 2 months and 26 out of the 36 women became pregnant and gave birth to healthy babies. None of the 36 women miscarried.

About Lisa Olson

pregnancy miracleLisa Olson the creator of the Pregnancy Miracle book contains natural and holistic methods. These are designed to help couples who are infertile get pregnant naturally without the use of drugs.

Lisa is a licensed nutritionist, health consultant, medical researcher and an individual who had suffered infertility for some time.

When Lisa was in her mid 30’s and after a year of struggling to conceive a baby without success, doctors diagnosed her as infertile.

After the diagnosis, the author tried every infertility treatment method available even modern medicine without success.

The lack of success from conventional medicine redirected her to start looking into alternative methods of treatment.

Overtime, Lisa began gathering information about all infertility. Treatment methods available today and in the process, the author researched for patterns to determine if some of the methods could be combined in order to achieve maximum benefits.

Through a long process of trial, error, experimentation and research, the author was able to become pregnant with a daughter at the age of 43 years. Since then, Lisa has been able to have a second child. A son at the age of 45 years.

Pregnancy Miracle chapter summary

The Pregnancy Miracle Guide will teach any couple holistic and natural methods in a step by step guideline. Therefore allowing the couple to have a child of their own. Below is the ebook summary according to a few chapters.

Chapter One – Male and Female Reproductive System

Chapter One of the pregnancy miracle ebook discusses the male and female anatomy in detail which includes a review of the reproductive organs and hormonal system.

The chapter also contains information about female menstrual cycle and the human genes.

Apart from that, the chapter also includes guidelines about how sex should be carried out by the couple as this is a vital factor for conceiving a child.

Chapter Two – The Basics of Infertility

In this chapter, the author discusses about what infertility is and how it’s caused. It also involves information about the signs to watch out for and what are the determinants for fertility.

The chapter includes a lot of detail and other useful information suitable for conceiving.

Chapter Three – The Eastern View of Fertility and Myths of Western Medicine

In chapter three, the author provides detailed information about the advances in modern medicine and how couples have been able to benefit from it therefore treating infertility.

The author further discusses about the main reasons of modern medicine failure to help in treating infertility.

Lastly, the author has included insights about the Eastern and Western view of infertility treatments as well as an infertility questionnaire section.

Chapter Four – The steps for getting pregnant and giving birth to healthy children

In this chapter, the reader will find information about the five most important steps to get pregnant naturally. Information contained in this chapter includes how to achieve the right balance, harmony and congruency for conceiving a baby.

Acupuncture, acupressure techniques, Qi Energy path to conceive and Liver detoxification are parts of the chapter that will prove useful to the reader.

What will couples learn from reading Pregnancy Miracle Review?

Couples who have bought the ebook will be able to learn the following:

5 Step Holistic Approach

This forms the main focus and reason why the author created Pregnancy Miracle was to help other men and women with infertility issues.

Food for fertility

In the ebook, couples will be able to learn about the specific foods. This will help to improve and reverse infertility. The ebook contains 10 foods which can help reverse infertility and you can learn about them once you purchase the ebook.

Infertility treatment – the truth is revealed

The author provides in depth information about all infertility treatments currently available. As a reader, you will get to learn how to get yourself free medication and infertility treatments.

Supplements for hormonal balancing

Information about hormonal balancing supplements. That help to balance the hormones in ones body and significantly help to address infertility are also included in the ebook.

Better breathing methods

In the ebook, the reader will get to learn about two breathing methods. This will help the reader improve hormone production as well as reverse infertility issues.


  • It’s a proven system with high success rate. This is because of the high number of women who have provided testimonials and real stories.
  • It’s 100% natural and a safe system – No drugs or any risky surgeries are involved.
  • It’s easy to understand. – The ebooks contains checklists and charts which enable readers to understand the program.
  • Best customer support. – Users have commended the program seller for superb customer support.
  • It’s very comprehensive. – The ebook is accurate, friendly, well researched and has simple to follow guidelines.
  • 60 day money back guarantee. – Customers are offered a 60 day refund policy therefore its risk free
  • The ebook methods are clinically proven.
  • Contains holistic and ancient Chinese treatment methods.


  • Available online only. – The ebook is available in digital format and not inform of hardcopy. This means that users can read the ebook on smartphones, tablets, phablets and computers.
  • In order for results to occur, you need to wait for two months therefore do not be confused by the word “Miracle”.
  • The ebook is lengthy for some readers.

Who can benefit from the Pregnancy Miracle Guide

Generally, the book is for any couple who wants to get pregnant naturally.

At the same time attempting to reverse their inability to conceive a child. Individuals who can dedicate themselves and follow the guidelines laid down by the author will eventually benefit immensely in the end.

Where to buy?

Pregnancy Miracle BookPregnancy Miracle Guide can be bought from the Official Website at a Discount Price.

The reader will be able to purchase both the ebook for reading on smart devices and 3 months of counseling with Lisa Olson.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy Miracle Book is very detailed and each section deals with specific problems and issues that couples undergo.

If you are a couple and are struggling to get pregnant and you have tried everything. Then you need to try Pregnancy Miracle book.

The best thing about the guide it offers couples holistic and natural methods of ensuring that they get pregnant.

Lisa offers 3 months of counseling plus 60 day money back guarantee after you have purchased Pregnancy Miracle.

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